There are many types of grapevine snails. Traditionally mollusks that have grown in the wild and snails bred on farms are consumed. Today, the best species of snails is recognized to be the Helix Aspersa Muller breed – a “little gray snail” with tender meat, pleasant texture and delicate taste. These are the snails that we grow on our Tante Snails farm, which is located in the village of Yablunivka in Busk district of Lviv region. There are no heavy industries in this area and our farm is located in an environmentally friendly area.

If you are traveling along the Kyiv highway, then we advise you to visit our farm. Anyone can come to us and see how mollusks grow and how they are fed, and then try different snail dishes at our Tante Snails cafe and buy small souvenirs.

We support the development of a snail consumption culture in Ukraine, and we want snail dishes to be as comprehensible and familiar to everyone as the Kyiv cutlet. To do this, we have created the opportunity to buy the snail farm Tante Snails as a ready-made business. If you have a land area of 5 decares, we suggest that you become our partner in a guaranteed profitable business.

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