In 2015, we opened the Tante Sophie càfe escargot restaurant in Lviv, a place where snails are cooked under twelve different sauces. The establishment soon became popular with Lviv residents and city visitors. Unknown at this time snail dishes stole the hearts of our guests. Almost every girl who walked down Drukarska Street has a photo against the Tante Sophie’s vivid blue doors background.

We believe that snails will, in a short time, become as familiar and desirable dish to the Ukrainians as avocados have gained in popularity among US residents in the 1960s. Therefore, using our more than ten years of experience in the restaurant business, we have developed four formats of establishments which anchor products became snail dishes – Tante Snails Gastroformats. They differ in size and menu: wine bar, snails, bistro and gastrobar.


A wine bar with only one drink – white dry wine or a cocktail based on it with snails on skewers that decorate the glass and serve as a snack. After the question “Shall we meet for a glass of white dry?” you will have the answer in the form of a cozy small place where you do not have to choose for a long time and then wait for your order. The format provides for a counter dispensing beverages and several tall cocktail tables indoors and outdoors.


Street food, which product is a serving of ‘from-the-knife’ snails, fried immediately after ordering and served as a stand-alone dish in a convenient bright dish to go with the addition of sauces and fresh seasonal vegetables. This format will work great near higher education institutions, office centers, hubs and gastroquarters of any city. Snail Eatery can be accommodated in a separate stand, a food truck or in a small room.


A mono-food establishment based on the combination of Tante Snails White Dry and Tante Snails Eatery concepts and a certain menu extension. The format is a bistronomy, which menu covers the basic needs of the guest – a hearty snack and a drink to taste, plus the opportunity to enjoy your time alone or in a company. Tante Snails Bistro will serve snails of cold or hot cooking in a variety of settings and drinks to taste.

The peculiarity of all three formats is the speed of delivery of food and drinks at the level of time interval that the guest spends on payment (scheme “ordered – paid – received the order”). For those who dream of a restaurant, we suggest you consider the


It is a full-fledged establishment, like the Tante Sophie càfe escargot in Lviv, where snails serve as an anchor product and specialty, but the menu itself is balanced and not tied to them. In addition to a wide range of snails in different sauces as an independent dish, Tante Snails gastrobar will cook breakfasts with a shortage of breakfast places at the establishment; the menu also includes snacks, salads, soup and main courses, desserts and children’s menus, wine list and soft drinks.

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